Tomal Hydrated Lime Metering equipment


Lime metering

Use TomalĀ“s know-how and long experience with engineering and manufacturing of custom made lime metering installations.
Tomal delivers complete installations for both indoor and outdoor use.
Including silos, dust filters, arch breaking devices, shut-off valves, multiscrew feeders, screw conveyors, mixing tanks, electrical cabinets, dosing pumps, pneumatic conveying system etc

Tomal smart principle of metering

Instead of using expensive fluidisation/vibrating bottoms, that gives an uncontrolled emptying of the silo, use Tomals unique metering unit with a large active area.
The chemical will then keep a constant bulk density which gives a high accuracy without any interruption.
There is no, or very seldom, need for an arch breaking device. If needed, as an extra safety, it is only running when the empty level indicator on the feeder gives a signal.
There is not normally a need for a weighing hopper as the accuracy is very high.

Your Benefits

  • High metering accuracy and reliable discharge with the unique Tomal multiscrew feeder.
  • Robust construction ensures a long lifetime and low maintenance.
  • A large range of options. Our flexibility enables us to adapt machines to specific requirements.
  • Proven design with thousands of units in use
  • Each unit is fully wet tested prior to dispatch from the factory and ready for immediate use
  • High quality product as Tomal is certified according to ISO 9001:2008
  • High quality welding as Tomal is certified according to ISO 3834-1.
  • High quality design and manufacturing as Tomal is certified according to EN 1090-1
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