DULCOnneX Blue


Efficient and safe operation of pumps by smartphone.

DULCOnneX Blue is a free mobile app with no advertising and ready to use in a matter of moments. The installation wizard enables Bluetooth-capable units to be connected quickly and easily to the mobile app.

The easy-to-operate user interface of the DULCOnneX Blue app provides a quick overview of the live data of connected devices, enables immediate changes to be made to the configuration, and displays current error and warning messages by Bluetooth-enabled remote access.

The DULCOnneX Blue app also provides optimum support in the maintenance and repair of devices. Firmware updates can be transmitted directly to connected devices via the app, providing access to subsequent functional upgrades or software optimisation to keep pumps up to date with minimum effort, and extend the service life of the product.

An appropriate Bluetooth module can also be retrofitted by professional service personnel to systems already installed to make use of the features of the smart app.

DULCOnneX Blue is available for mobile devices equipped with iOS (iPhone/iPad) in the Apple App Store, and Android devices in the Google Play Store.

Your Benefits:

  • Easy operation and configuration of pumps in installation environments that are hard to access
  • Live monitoring of device status and performance data from a safe distance
  • Reliable remote control of supported ProMinent products
  • User-friendly operation by means of intuitive interface and multilingual displays
  • Efficient commissioning by the simple copying of the configuration from one pump to other pumps
  • Obtain professional support quickly in an emergency case – generate error logs at the press of a button and share them directly with service personnel
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