Diaphragm Metering Pump Makro/ 5


It is not possible to do more with a mechanically deflected diaphragm

The diaphragm metering pump Makro/ 5 (M5Ma) with the Makro/ 5 hydraulic diaphragm and plunger metering pumps, form a range of drive mechanisms with stroke lengths of 20 and/or 50 mm. A wide range of power end versions is available for use in areas at risk from explosion with ATEX certification.

Your Benefits

  • Metering reproducibility is better than ± 2% within the 30-100% stroke length range under defined conditions and with correct installation.
  • The modular construction with single and double head versions permits a wide range of applications, with the double head designs being operated in push-pull mode
  • Chlorine in seawater meters
  • t is possible to combine up to 4 metering units, even with different pump capacities, in multiple pump systems
  • 5 different gear ratios are available
  • Customised designs are available on request
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