Emergency Gas Chlorine Scrubber


PureAir Filtration’s Sentry™ Emergency Gas Chlorine Scrubber is the best line of defense against toxic gas leaks at facilities that use gases that could be harmful to health and safety if released; such applications include chlorine tanks used at water treatment plants. With only one moving part, the Sentry™ is safer, more reliable, and easier to operate than old fashioned wet scrubber systems, also requiring less maintenance and costs. The Sentry™ is filled with specific high quality adsorbent media, manufactured at PureAir’s facility, to remove the target toxic gas. For example, our UL rated Safetysorb™ gas adsorbent pellets turn dangerous chlorine into harmless salts, which can be safely disposed of in any landfill.

Your Benefits:

  • The SentryTM Emergency Gas System stands
    on-guard, ready to protect your facility in the
    event of a toxic gas leak
  • Most dependable and stable solution on
    market-full confidence in system performance
    if a release occurs
  • Only one moving part on system- worry
    free up keep, unlike other traditional wet
    scrubbers that have caustic chemicals and
    require constant and meticulous maintenance
  • Multiple configurations to meet regulatory,
    space, and other customer needs

  • Bulk loading and unloading options for
    installation of media and replacing media in
    the event of an emergency.
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