Online Optical DO Analyser – OxySense


The OxySense Online Optical DO Analysers are used in Aeration Lanes and Oxidation Ditches to control the air blowers.

What is probably the world’s most reliable Dissolved Oxygen sensor from In-Situ® the RDO® sensor coupled with Pi’s award winning electronics provides up to 36 months between maintenance and calibration events and results in probably the best online DO analyser available in the world today.
The self-verification option (patent pending) is revolutionising calibration routines in that this Dissolved Oxygen analyser is able to check its own functionality on a regular basis and call for calibration when necessary.

Your Benefits

  • Proven reliability
  • No chemicals or moving parts
  • Optional self-cleaning and self-verification system
  • Stable and reliable – excellent process controlOnline zero chlorine meter
  • Suitable for all Dissolved Oxygen applications
  • Optional Autoflush Compressor
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