Peristaltic Pump DULCOflex DFCa


High pump capacities and long service life

It is ideal for heavy-duty industrial applications and pump capacities of up to 8,900 l/h at 8 bar back pressure.
A ball-bearing mounted rotor ensures extremely smooth running and a long service life.
Pumps with a Halar-coated pump housing can be produced for use in the chemical industry.
A vacuum unit can optionally be used to help the hose to return to its original shape with pumps of the product range DFCa, thereby improving their suction behaviour and ensuring the even feed of high-viscosity media.

  • Simple to operate
  • Reversible pumping direction
  • Hose materials suitable for various chemicals
  • Simple and quick hose change
  • Ideal for pumping pasty, high-viscosity, abrasive and gaseous media
  • Self-priming
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