ProMinent Sigma/1 Motor Driven Metering Pump


The Sigma/ 1 diaphragm metering pump together with the Sigma/ 2  and Sigma/ 3  represent an integrated product range. They cover the capacity range from 17 to 1,040 l/h. The entire Sigma Control product range is equipped with intelligent features to provide a high level of operating convenience, safety and efficiency. The pump features a removable operating unit and adjustable metering profiles to ensure optimum metering results.

Excellent process safety and reliability:
  • In the event of an accident, the feed chemical does not escape to the outside or into the pump's power end, thanks to the patented multi-layer safety diaphragm with optical (optionally electric) signalling
  • Integrated overload shut-down in the pump control to protect the pump from overloading and thus significantly reduced pressure surges caused by blockages.
  • Integrated relief valve protects the pump against overloading and bleed option during the suction process ensures reliable operation
  • Metering accuracy is better than ± 2% with a 30-100% stroke length adjustment range under certain defined conditions and with proper installation.

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